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The Memorial Centre will have a Documentation Centre specialised in terrorism and victims of terrorism with a four-fold function: 1) ensure the conservation of the collections; 2) create and maintain a national digital reference repository; 3) facilitate research; and 4) provide items for permanent and temporary exhibitions. Here we will try to bring together all the collections (or digital copies of them) related to the civic movement, the pacifist movement, victim associations and foundations, law enforcement bodies, terrorist groups, etc. The priority is to recover, centralise and digitise all those bibliographic, documentary, newspaper, photographic and audio-visual collections that today remain dispersed and, in some cases, in bad condition or even in danger of disappearing.

The Documentation Centre will contain:

  1. Archives, where the original documentation on loan or deposited, as well as photocopies of collections from other archives, will be stored in optimum conditions.
  2. Library, specialised in the subject of terrorism and its victims, where the widest possible interdisciplinary bibliography, from both classic to newly appeared publications, will be kept.
  3. Newspaper library, where press dossiers, newspapers, magazines, etc. will be kept.
  4. Photographic collection, in which photographs from the media, professional photographers and other sources will be kept.
  5. Film library, where documentaries, films, interviews and other types of videos in physical format will be kept.
  6. Memory Bank, where the same will be done in digital format. It will be especially focused on the custody of testimonies of victims of terrorism, both those already made and those that will be made in the future, but also those of other key stakeholders, such as members of law enforcement bodies, judges, lawyers, journalists, intellectuals, etc.
  7. A room for disinfection, reprography and digitisation, in which archivists will take care of the documentation to ensure its preservation, as well as digitising and photocopying it when necessary.
  8. Consultation room, where accredited researchers will consult the collections contained in the Documentation Centre under the supervision of an archivist and always in compliance with current legislation.
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